Welcome to SolarWorx. Our Solar Screens help keep your Home or Office Cool during Summer time in Arizona

Is a lot of energy and cold air wasted through windows in your house? Keep it cool, while saving money. SolarWorx can help by replacing old window screens with new rolling solar screens in Tucson AZ.

If you have a window or patio where vertical side rails cannot be installed, you can get a solar screen to save it from direct sunlight. Our solar windows are designed to save energy, while allowing you to view out of the window. These windows serve as a great alternative to installing traditional or sliding door windows. 90% of the UV rays are cut by our products which in turn reduces the heat that enters your home through a window. These screens help in cutting glare, protecting from reflecting sun and keeping you safe from direct UV rays, while still letting a reasonable degree of light to pass through.

Our featured products include:

Textilene – Waved fiberglass coated in Polyurethane – Which draws in UV rays & deflects heat

Arizona Rooms – Enclosed/Screened porches serving window sun screens.

Why Choose Rolling Solar Screens?

  • They lower the temperature of your house for up to 20 Degrees
  • They save up to 45% on the electricity bills
  • Obstructs direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of furniture and carpets

We offer solar window solutions in the following areas:

  • Tucson
  • Catalina
  • Oro Valley
  • Rancho Vistoso
  • Sahaurita
  • Green Valley
  • Vail
  • Corona de Tucson

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional services, which help us achieve customer satisfaction. Whether you want to re-screen the windows, add an enclosed screen porch or add window to a sunroom, we have solutions for all such situations.  With extensive experience, we are able to install new solar screens at market competitive rates. When you book an order, it means you enjoy a friendly service with quality solar solutions installed at your home or office.

Rolling solar windows offer maximum privacy, without any viability inside but unobstructed view out of the window. They are perfect choice for sun-rooms and study rooms.

SolarWorx offers rolling solar windows that are ideal for sun-facing rooms, where light control is desired. Our solar windows and shades let you enjoy your view through the window, even when the shades are drawn. We design custom solar sun screens, according to the size of the space that you require for a window. All orders are designed, measured and made to fit. You can roll up out of the way when not in use and are available in different models. These are suitable for both interior and exterior applications in a variety of materials and colors. We stock up on different rolling solar windows for those, who are seeking a great value for money and quality.

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