High Quality Window Screens with Sun Protection – The Best Choice for Homes & Offices in Tucson, AZ

Would you like to stay cool during warm summer days while conserving energy and lowering the electricity bills? SolarWorx has solar solutions for your homes and offices in Tucson AZ. Solar window screens are the best alternative, when replacing and old traditional window.

Install New Solar Window Screens and increase the Value of your home

Installing solar window screens is a low cost way to increase the value of your home. These are the perfect choice for offsetting harsh weather conditions in Arizona. They increase the comfort level of your home and help you save money. We are dedicated at providing the best services to our customers.

Beautify your home, while lowering the electricity bills

Replace your traditional windows with our window screens that reduce your energy consumption and cut down on electricity bills. You can save money and also enjoy an unobstructed view outside.

Custom Solar Sun Screens

Our featured products include:

Textilene – Textilene solar screen fabric is a solution to keep the heat out of your home. It is weaved fiberglass coated in Polyurethane, which draws the UV rays and avoids the heat from entering your home. It is one of the best choices for reducing the heat transfer through windows. It also reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun. These solar screens protect indoor furniture and carpets and provide ultimate comfort, especially in summer season.

While sunlight is important to human life, but it can cause unwanted glare or hot spots during the day time. Installing the Textilene solar screens can block up to 90% UV rays. It will help increase the efficiency of your home’s cooling system. In addition, it provide comfort and reduce 45% on energy costs.

Arizona Rooms:

We can also set up your porches and lawns with our window screens to provide protection from direct sunlight, reducing heat and discoloration of furniture & carpets. These are enclosed places like sunrooms that have enough sunlight without harming the interior of the house.


If you have a space in your home that you want to dedicate for spending some time alone, you can get our window screens installed. These are the best options to increase the day time privacy. You can have a view out of these screens but those outside cannot peek inside. All our window screens are manufacture to your specifications.

Insured & Certifies Technicians

We do not employ local labor for any installation. All our technicians are insured and certified. They offer friendly services and suggest possible solar solutions for your home.

Office Environment:

Offices with windows or glass ceilings not only hamper the eyesight of employees, but also hamper their work quality. Our window screens are the best solar solution for these issues. They lower down the room temperature up to 20 degrees

To know more about our solar solutions, Contact us at: 520-208-3713.

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